Seven Seas Omega 3 Under The Microscope

If you are interested in a fish oil supplement, you may have looked into seven seas Omega 3 cod liver oil. Unfortunately, this particular brand is not of the highest quality. It contains very little usable EPA and DHA. Before deciding upon the right supplement for your family, be certain to properly evaluate the merits of every potential choice.

A Closer Look At Seven Seas Omega 3

Seven Seas Omega 3Seven Seas is produced using cod. Specifically, it is cod liver oil. When you look at the ingredient label, you will see that a capsule of Seven Seas cod liver oil contains 525 mg of cod liver oil. There are 120 mg of this that are Omega 3 nutrients.

This phrase is quite obscure in its meaning. The supplement contains only a combined 85 mg of EPA and DHA per capsule. It also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin D. Seven Seas claims to be free from gluten, wheat, gelatin, and dairy. Despite this, the ingredient list includes gelatin as one of the components of the capsule shell.

A supplement brand that makes you read the fine print to discover the truth is certainly one to be questioned. Additionally, they do not disclose on the label what the individual concentrations of EPA and DHA are. You may be getting 1 mg DHA and 84 of EPA or vice versa. Instead of putting up with this guesswork, invest in a fish oil supplement that you can actually trust for quality and accountability.

A Supplement To Trust

So, what qualities should the perfect Omega 3 supplement possess? The right supplement should have nothing to hide. It should happily disclose all of its basic ingredient information on the label. The brand should have a Web site or other source to provide consumers with a more detailed place to find information about the product, its benefits, and other related topics. The product should have a reasonable price tag, and a list of quality ingredients. It should not contain any additives (natural or artificial). A truly good supplement relies upon the quality of its product, rather than using outside ingredients to mask poor smells and tastes. Clearly, Seven Seas Omega 3 does not fit this description.

The best supplement that you could ask for is Xtend-Life. Xtend-Life is everything in the above description and more. They use only the freshest hoki and tuna caught from the cleanest waters on earth between New Zealand and Antarctica. The fish are then processed and purified to remove any heavy metal or other toxic build-up that may have been present in the fish. Your Xtend-Life fish oil supplement will always be safe and free from toxins. It is also free from preservatives, flavors, or other additives.

Because the fish used are so fresh, there is no odor or aftertaste. Therefore, there is no need to flood the supplement with additional ingredients. Xtend-Life proudly displays that their product contains 260 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA in each serving of fish oil. The company even provides customers with a money back guarantee for additional peace of mind. Do not risk your health to an inferior brand, such as seven seas Omega 3, when you could have the very best in Xtend-Life.

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