The Secret To Success In Omega 3 Weight Loss

Omega 3 Weight LossYou probably do not think about consuming more fat to lose weight, but there is a strong Omega 3 weight loss connection. Although it sounds contradictory, these essential fatty acids are very important and useful to the process of weight loss.

Once you understand how these ingredients function in your body, you can include them into your weight loss regimen.

The Low Fat Hoax

The bulk of weight loss culture tells you that you should eliminate as much fat from your diet as possible. Eat salads without dressing, never eat anything fried, and do not snack between meals.

Unfortunately, the public has been largely misinformed. Not all fats are bad. An olive oil based salad dressing is a great way to incorporate Omega 9 and 6 fatty acids. Fried foods should not be consumed too frequently, but they also contain healthy omega fats if fried in healthy oils. Snacks are not all bad either. Nuts are excellent ways to incorporate more good fatty acids and protein into your diet.

There are some key reasons that fatty acids are important to weight loss. Without them, losing those pounds may be even more difficult. The following properties of Omega 3s give them powerful pound shedding abilities:

• EPA and DHA increase your metabolism to help your body burn more fat.
Omega 3 fatty acids block production of cortisol.
• They improve circulation and blood flow to muscles during exercise, resulting in better fat burning capability.

The idea that a fat-free diet is useful for weight loss is absurd. It is unnatural and unadvisable to deprive your body of these important fatty acids.

Your Omega 3 Weight Loss Program

It will take research, as well as trial and error to develop a successful Omega 3 weight loss program. Increasing your fatty acid intake alone will not cause you to lose weight without other lifestyle changes taking place also. You will need to lower your calorie intake and increase the amount of calories burned through exercise. This can be accomplished through smart food choices.

Do not starve yourself, but instead, make healthy decisions. For example, eat a fruit based dessert as opposed to ice cream or chocolate. Add low fat milk to your coffee instead of cream. You can make easy substitutions if you take the time to think about what you are putting into your body. Exercise may be a daily intensive workout, or a 20 minute power walk, depending upon your age and ability.

Eating fish is a good way to incorporate a low fat protein into your diet. It can also add to your Omega 3 intake. Eating too much of it, however, can be expensive and detrimental to your health, due to mercury build-up in certain fish.

The best solution to aid in your Omega 3 weight loss plan is to add a high quality fish oil supplement, such as Xtend-Life, to your diet. Xtend-Life capsules are safe, 100% free of mercury, and completely tasteless and odorless. This makes them easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Developing an Omega 3 weight loss program may just be the answer that you are looking for in creating a healthier you.

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