Understanding And Consuming Your Omega 3 RDA

Omega 3 RDAWhile there is no set Omega 3 rda, there are a few guidelines to follow which may help you to acquire the most beneficial response from your fish oil consumption. The amount of Omega 3 you consume in a supplement should vary depending upon how much you receive through whole food sources, such as fish.

The typical American diet does not typically run the risk of consuming too much Omega 3 through foods. Most people can benefit from a fish oil supplement to fill in gaps left by an inadequate diet.

Consuming A Recommended Allowance Through Food

Obviously, some people can and do receive their Omega 3 rda through whole fish. Eskimos and other groups of people, who rely on the ocean as their primary source of nutrition, consume more than enough fatty acids through the fish in their daily diets. Some of these groups have been studied, and found to have significantly lower rates for cardiovascular diseases than those cultures that consume less seafood.

For those who do not make a living from the ocean, however, buying enough fresh fish to really make a difference can be very expensive. It can also be harmful to your health if you consume too much deep sea fish, such as tuna. These varieties can contain high concentrations of mercury, which can cause dangerous side effects, particularly to pregnant women. Not all seafood contains high Omega 3 levels. Some of the best fish for Omega 3s include:

• Tuna
• Salmon
• Halibut
• Herring
• Sardines
• Anchovies

Fish do contain healthy lean protein that is especially helpful to those trying to lose weight. Overall, it is healthy to consume in moderation. You may wonder how you can get enough Omega 3 without over-eating seafood.

Supplementing To Achieve Your Omega 3 RDA

The key to acquiring healthy levels of Omega 3 in your diet is in supplements. If you can eat oily fish 1 or 2 times per week, that is ideal. Pair this fish consumption with an additional gram per day from an Omega 3 supplement. If you eat fish less frequently than once per week, you can take a supplement valued between 1 and 2 grams per day. Avoid consuming more than 3 grams daily, as this may increase your risk for bleeding.

Choosing a supplement may be difficult for some, because of the vast range of brands and products available on the market today. The Xtend-Life brand stands above the rest. Sourcing their fish only from the cleanest waters on earth, this brand represents quality. The product undergoes an intense purification process to rid the fish oil of toxins, such as mercury and PCBs.

The ingredient list is short — fish oil. All that you will find in your bottle of Xtend-Life is pure fish oil, with an optimum balance of DHA and EPA. At 1 gram of fish oil per capsule, you can choose to take 1 capsule daily, or 2, depending upon how much seafood you typically acquire through your diet. With an Omega 3 RDA of between 1 and 2 grams per day, you can easily reap the full rewards of fish oil with a quality supplement, such as Xtend-Life.

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