Improving Your Nutrition With Omega 3 In Tuna

Omega 3 In TunaGetting your Omega 3 in tuna and other varieties of fish can be positive and negative for your health.

Fresh fish have many benefits, but they also come with some potentially harmful side effects.

You should include tuna as part of a balanced diet, but also use supplements to complete your nutritional requirements.

Omega 3 In Tuna Varieties

Tuna is renowned for its high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, but some varieties are better than others. Bluefin and Albacore tuna have some of the highest levels at 2.5 and 2.6 grams per 3.5 ounce serving. These whole filets are some of the best sources of these beneficial fatty acids. In comparison, most canned tuna contains less than .5 grams per serving. Canned Albacore tuna has about 1.3 grams per serving. Tuna is definitely a good fish to include in your diet on an occasional basis.

Incorporating Tuna

Although canned tuna is not as good a source as whole tuna steaks for Omega 3, it is still effective and more economical than whole fish. Canned tuna works well in tuna salads with chopped celery and mayonnaise. Tuna casseroles with rice or noodles and vegetables are tasty ways to get some extra Omega 3 in your diet. Tuna steaks are delicious when seasoned and broiled or grilled. You should not attempt to eat tuna more often than once or twice per week, however, even if you enjoy it.

Problems With Tuna Consumption

Unfortunately, with this high level of Omega 3 comes a high level of toxins. Tuna is one of the deep sea fish species that contains dangerous levels of mercury, other heavy metals, and environmental pollutants. These toxins can cause harmful side effects when consumed in excess. Therefore, fish, such as tuna, should be enjoyed on a limited basis. Additionally, eating fresh tuna steaks on a regular basis would be expensive and possibly boring to your taste buds. For these reasons, tuna should not be your only source for Omega 3 fatty acids.

Adding A Supplement

If you want to incorporate more Omega 3 into your lifestyle without risking side effects and spending a fortune on fresh fish, consider using a fish oil supplement. The right supplement can help you to achieve recommended levels of Omega 3 safely and affordably. Be careful to choose a product that provides you with the highest quality at an economical price. You do not want to buy a supplement that allows harmful toxins to pass through into the fish oil capsule. You also want to avoid products that use preservatives, flavorings, and other additives. These may be harmful to your health and indicate a lack of freshness.

Xtend-Life can offer you the missing link between your fish consumption and your body’s needs. It will always be 100% free of harmful metals, and is completely safe for daily intake. This is due to the intense purification process that it undergoes during manufacturing.

Xtend-Life also only uses fresh tuna and hoki from the pristine waters between New Zealand and Antarctica. The product is also completely free from additives and flavorings. Because the fish used are fresh, there is no need for flavors to mask an unpleasant taste. The capsules are naturally odorless and tasteless. For only $16.85, you can supplement the Omega 3 in tuna that you receive.

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