Will You Find Heart Healthy Omega 3 In Eggs?

Omega 3 In EggsThere has been a recent controversy linked to some brands claiming to have Omega 3 in eggs. These egg companies are expressing that their products have heart healthy benefits. They charge more money for the Omega 3 labeled eggs.

Unfortunately, these claims are misleading, and there is currently a push from the Center for Science in the Public Interest to make the Food and Drug Administration do something about these claims.

The Claims About Omega 3 In Eggs And Who Is Making Them

Several big names in the egg farming business have been marketing eggs at higher prices with the idea that these eggs can improve your heart health due to the Omega 3 content.

Some of the companies that have marketed these heart healthy eggs include:

• Land O Lakes
• Eggland’s Best
• Safeway Specialty 3 Eggs
• Gold Circle Farms
• The Country Hen
• Full Spectrum Farms
• Giving Nature

Some of these companies make statements that seem legitimate and sensible. Giving Nature feeds their hens flax seed, resulting in eggs with a higher Omega 3 content. According to researchers however, it is not the ALA found in flax seed, but the DHA and EPA found in fish, fish oil, and algae that contribute largely to cardiovascular health.

Eggland’s Best claims Omega 3 in their product. It also claims to have 25% less saturated fat in its eggs than other brands. This percentage amounts to one half of a gram, an amount that is insignificant according to the FDA.

The claims made by these companies amount to very little difference to your health. The truth is that eggs contain so much cholesterol and saturated fat that it outweighs the benefits of some additional ALA. These eggs are not worth any more than normal eggs. ALA is converted into DHA and EPA in the body. This is an inefficient process.

Therefore, it is much more beneficial to your heart health to consume your Omega 3 fatty acids from fish or better  — from fish oil. This allows you to get a maximum benefit without the added cholesterol and saturated fat found in eggs.

A Reliable Source For Omega 3

DHA is the fatty acid most linked to cardiovascular health. DHA and its close partner, EPA, are only found naturally in cold water oily fish and in certain algae that these fish eat. Common fish that contain high levels of these fatty acids include the following:

• Tuna
• Herring
• Salmon
• Cod
• Anchovies
• Sardines

You can acquire some of your recommended intake of Omega 3 by consuming these fish once or twice per week. Unfortunately, it is often impractical, expensive, or harmful for some to consume this much fresh fish. The heavy metal build-up in some deep water fish can have dangerous side effects in people, particularly for pregnant women. This said, it is highly beneficial to consume a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. For pregnant women, who cannot tolerate very much fish, it is a critical nutritional requirement for fetal growth and development.

Thankfully, you can purchase a Xtend-Life supplement to replace or bolster your current consumption of DHA and EPA rich foods. Xtend-Life provides a pure, natural, and safe alternative to whole fish. Do not waste your time hunting for heart healthy Omega 3 in eggs, but find it in Xtend-Life pure fish oil supplements.

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