Is Omega 3 Hair Loss Prevention Possible?

Omega 3 Hair LossThere are very few studies which have been done, concerning Omega 3 hair loss prevention. If you are considering using Omega 3 for this purpose, you should examine relevant scientific data, as well as common sense.

Because there is no proof of anything, you will need to approach this endeavor with an open mind.

How Omega 3 Hair Loss Prevention Works

First, consider the role of Omega 3 fatty acids in the body. They work to keep your body healthy and functioning at its peak. Hair is grown from excess protein. Sick and stressed out people tend to experience above average hair loss.

The EPA and DHA in Omega 3 work to sooth inflammation in the body and improve overall physical health, while improving mental health simultaneously. If a healthy person grows a healthier head of hair, this may lead you to hold Omega 3 responsible. There are also significant links between fish oil and skin health. It makes sense to conclude, that even if Omega 3 did not make you grow hair, it would make the hair you still have healthier.

Omega 3 Hair LossIf common sense does not persuade you, consider one relevant study from Japan. This study focused upon the effects of fatty acids on hair loss. The conclusion was that abundant fish oil consumption can help to prevent hair loss.

It is for this very reason that there is a growing market of animal oil based shampoos available to treat or prevent hair loss, and encourage faster hair growth. Hair professionals often recommend taking vitamins and supplements to improve hair quality and hasten hair growth.

You do not need to slather your hair with liquid fish oil to receive its benefits. You do not need to purchase any expensive or ridiculous sounding shampoos. There is no magic potion to rub on your head.

The full benefits of fish oil, including the possible rescue of your hair line, can be had through softgel capsules. There is no need to hold your nose and choke down fish oil. Modern capsule forms of fish oil are just as effective as the liquid form, but are much easier to take.

The Perfect Solution For Omega 3 Hair Loss Prevention

Xtend-Life fish oil supplements are completely tasteless and odorless. They contain one ingredient — fish oil. Less reputable brands may contain fillers, such as gelatin to lower production costs. Xtend-Life does not limit its product’s effectiveness or integrity by such measures. You can also depend upon Xtend-Life to be completely free from any harmful toxins, such as mercury. The fish are caught from the pristine waters between New Zealand and Antarctica.

The product then undergoes purification to remove any harmful build-up that may have been present in the fish. There are no additives, preservatives, or flavorings (natural or artificial) that are added to this product. Because the fish are fresh when processed, the end result is a capsule with absolutely no fishy taste or smell.

While there is no way to guarantee that an Omega 3 supplement will prevent you from losing your hair, it can greatly benefit your health overall, and possibly keep your hairline healthier than it would have been otherwise. For your Omega 3 hair loss prevention, trust Xtend-Life to give you a quality product in every bottle.

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