Calming Mood Swings With Omega 3 Bipolar Treatment

Omega 3 BipolarOmega 3 bipolar treatment is a relatively new endeavor that is showing a great deal of promise.

In fact, the use of fish oil containing DHA and EPA has been used with some success to treat a number of mental and behavioral disorders.

Because of the infant stage that this research is in, there is little hard proof of anything.

There are plenty of strong links, however, that should encourage you to investigate Omega 3s as a treatment solution for your mental or behavioral issues.

What Is Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder has historically been known as manic-depression. With this disorder, a person experiences severe mood swings, ranging from happy to irritable to depressed. Symptoms during the manic periods include:

• Easily distracted
• Little sleep requirement
• Poor judgment
• Lack of temper management
• No self-control, reckless actions
• Excessive energy
• Easily upset or irritated

During the depressed period, a person with bipolar disorder may experience:

• Sadness
• Memory difficulties
• Lack of appetite or overeating
• Fatigue
• Low self esteem
• Thoughts of death and/or suicide
• Detachment from friends and family

Typically, the only treatment for bipolar disorder is in the form of heavy duty mood-stabilizing drugs, combined with anti-depressants. There are also support programs available to help people learn to cope with life with bipolar.

Impact Of Omega 3 On Mental Disorders

While Omega 3 bipolar treatment may or may not take the place of prescription drugs, it can prove to be a great help in calming the symptoms of this disorder. While scientists are still uncertain as to why fish oil has such a powerful effect, Omega 3 has been shown to help improve and stabilize moods.

Fish oil is becoming widely used in the treatment of anxiety and depression already. It is often helpful in the treatment of ADD and ADHD.

Its potential for helping to treat bipolar symptoms is also quite exciting. Experts think that the EPA is responsible for the mood stabilizing effect. This said, studies have shown that taking a supplement containing only EPA is not as effective as taking a DHA and EPA supplement. The DHA seems to have a positive impact on how the EPA is received and used.

The presence of DHA in a supplement certainly has no negative effect on Omega 3 bipolar treatment. Because the research is so young, there is very little proof of anything.

There is enough promise, however, that many doctors are now recommending Omega 3 supplements to their bipolar patients. Fish oil is certainly not going to negatively impact a mental or behavioral disorder, and it will improve your physical health, as well.

The easiest way to incorporate adequate levels of Omega 3 into your diet is through the use of a supplement. Xtend-Life brings you a product that is 100% free of mercury and PCBs. It is easy to consume on a daily basis.

The capsules are pure, and contain only fish oil, complete with balanced levels of EPA and DHA. Omega 3 bipolar treatment is exciting, and adding Xtend-Life to your program should be discussed with your doctor.

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