Not Just For Ladies – Big Omega 3 Benefits For Men!

Omega 3 Benefits For MenYou might associate DHA and EPA as fatty acids that are most important for women, but there are plenty of Omega 3 benefits for men, as well. These fatty acids are an important health source for both men and women of every age group.

Understanding just what makes them so beneficial may help you to see why these Omega 3’s are so important in the health of men too.

Omega 3 Components And Where To Find It

Omega 3 fatty acids contain 3 essential acids — DHA, EPA, and ALA. EPA and DHA are critical components in maintaining and improving heart and eye health, brain function, and neurological function. ALA largely converts to these other forms in the body.

Whereas other fatty acids can be found in many common sources, such as vegetables, grains, and oils, Omega 3 acids are found primarily in fish. You will not find high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in just any fish, either. Tuna, salmon, and hoki contain some of the highest levels.

Theoretically, you could consume enough whole fish to get the recommended amounts of fish oil. You would find this endeavor to be expensive and boring. You might also be exposing yourself to high concentrations of mercury usually found in fish, such as tuna.

What Are the Omega 3 Benefits for Men

Fish oil provides a large quantity of benefits for both men and women. While women appreciate the help during and after pregnancy and throughout menopause, men can appreciate quite a few perks from fish oil, as well.

The following positive effects can be experienced by both sexes:

• Mental health and memory/concentration improvement
• Anti-depressant characteristics
• Lowered risk and treatment of certain cancers (including prostate and testicular, for you men)
• Optimizing metabolism for easier time maintaining body shape
• Cardiovascular health, and reduced risk for heart disease and stroke
• Lower blood pressure
• Better mood
• Improved overall health and well being

As you can see, these Omega fatty acids are not just for ladies. These Omega 3 benefits for men from regular fish oil consumption can improve your life and life expectancy.

How to Get Enough Omega 3

So, if you cannot eat your way to higher Omega 3 levels, you probably wonder how you are going to take advantage of its benefits.

Quality made supplements, such as those manufactured by Xtend-Life, provide the ideal solution for your fish oil needs. You can get your daily recommendation for Omega 3 in an easy to swallow, tasteless capsule.

The Xtend-Life product is safe. Its purification process ensures that there will never be any mercury, PCBs, or other toxins in your supplement. You are taking fish oil to reduce your risk of cancer, not to increase it, after all.

Xtend-Life Omega 3 supplements are made using fish caught from the cleanest water in the world off the coast of New Zealand. Nature provides a pristine environment for the fish, and Xtend-Life further purifies it for your safety and health.

By taking this premium supplement, you can safely reap all of the Omega 3 benefits for men, and save yourself from an outrageous bill at the fish market or grocery store.

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