Can You Really Afford An Eskimo Omega 3 Supplement?

Eskimo Omega 3Certain supplements, such as Eskimo Omega 3, have received a great deal of hype surrounding their effectiveness. Are these trendy supplement brands any better than others?

If you look closely, you can see that certain brands deserve the publicity, but they might not be the only healthy option. One of these highly praised and recommended brands is Eskimo. Before falling for the hype, you should be certain to examine the product yourself to ascertain its integrity.

Finding Flaw In Eskimo Omega 3

It is difficult to find anything wrong with the Eskimo product on first glance. You will find many testimonials and doctor recommendations for this product. You will see customers raving about its purity and health benefits. It is well purified from harmful toxins and metals. The cost looks to be affordable. It does not have any filler ingredients, but contains only fish oil with EPA and DHA. It does have natural lemon flavoring, which may indicate that the fish used are slightly past prime. A 100% pure Omega 3 supplement will have no need for flavors (artificial or natural). It will be tasteless and odorless naturally.

When you look more closely, however, you will see that an $18 bottle of 105 softgel capsules requires you to consume 3 softgels per day to get the full serving size of 210 mg EPA and 130 mg DHA. For those who do not regularly eat fish, a higher dosage would be recommended. If you consume 5 or 6 softgels per day, the bottle of 105 is only going to last a few weeks.

Finding More Affordability

Perhaps you wonder whether or not a less expensive product would be as natural or beneficial as the Eskimo brand. Thankfully, there is a supplement that is even better for your health, and better for your wallet. For about $16, you can purchase Xtend-Life. Xtend-Life contains only pure fish oil. There is no need even for natural flavorings.

The fish used in the product are at the peak of freshness. This results in a product that is completely tasteless and odorless. The tuna used for this supplement are caught in the cleanest waters on the planet, between New Zealand and Antarctica. This limits the amount of environmental pollutants to which the fish are exposed. For your added safety and precaution, however, the product still goes through a strict purification process during manufacturing to ensure that the end product is 100% free from any harmful toxins. Xtend-Life promises and delivers quality and purity in every bottle.

You can also depend upon Xtend-Life to promote your health and well being. The supplements contain an optimum balance of EPA and DHA, at 130 mg and 300 mg per capsule. That is correct. You only need to consume 1 capsule to acquire a more balanced dosage than the Eskimo capsules. Your bottle of 60 Xtend-Life softgels will last for 2 months if you take this dosage, or 1 month if you need a higher amount in 2 capsules daily. That makes much more sense than the amount of money you will spend on competitor brands. Although Eskimo Omega 3 is a good product, you can find a better and more affordable choice in Xtend-Life.

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