The Truth Behind The Dr Oz Omega 3 Recommendation

Dr Oz Omega 3The Dr Oz Omega 3 opinion is at least partially wrong, despite his good intentions and typically excellent nutritional recommendations.

He upholds the notion that DHA is a more important component of fish oil than EPA is. He also advocates that EPA may increase risk for bleeding, and that it is basically useless for human nutrition.

For those who watch the show and closely follow the advice of Dr. Oz, this can be dangerous misinformation.

The Dr Oz Omega 3 Argument

The Dr. Oz argument is that DHA is the only useful part of Omega 3. He recommends flaxseed and a strictly DHA fish oil supplement.

Because DHA is the structural component of fish oil, responsible for development and construction of parts of the body, he chooses to focus only upon this fatty acid, ignoring the benefits of EPA.

He goes so far to say that EPA is not effective, and that it may contribute to increased bleeding risks.

Importance Of EPA

Contrary to Dr. Oz’s beliefs, EPA has many important benefits. Some of its most noteworthy perks include the following:

• Reduction of inflammation
• Reduced risk for diabetes, obesity, and arthritis
• Regulation of immune system responses
• Protection of brain, nervous system

EPA is found in every cell in the human body. Clearly, it is important to replenish your body’s resources, including EPA. There have also been recent studies that link this important Omega 3 component with:

• Help regulate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
• Aiding in treatment of autoimmune disorders
• Reducing the symptoms of mood disorders
• Reducing incidence of cardiovascular disease

Research makes it evident that the Dr Oz philosophy is wrong. EPA is found naturally in sources of DHA. In fact, most sources of Omega 3 fatty acids contain higher levels of EPA than DHA. Tuna is the only exception.

While you may not need as much EPA as you need DHA, it is a fundamentally important part of good nutrition. It should be present in any quality supplement that you intend to use.

You should look into finding a quality made supplement that contains a balanced ratio of both DHA and EPA.

Xtend-Life provides a great supplement that defies the Dr Oz Omega 3 belief system. It includes recommended levels of both of these important fatty acids. Xtend-Life offers a promise of quality and purity. The only ingredient you will find in it is fish oil.

The fish used in manufacturing are fresh. Therefore, there is no need to include preservatives, flavorings, and other additives to cover up a fishy taste or smell.

Xtend-Life offers you Omega 3 as nature intended — pure and healthy. Xtend-Life also purifies its product to remove all traces of mercury and other toxins that may have been present in the fish.

Although Dr. Oz has many great ideas for healthy living, he fails to understand the range of benefits that new research has linked to EPA.

Do not cheat your body out of half of the fish oil equation. Instead of following the Dr Oz Omega 3 research, do your own research, and try a full Omega 3 supplement, such as Xtend-Life.

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