Does Tilapia Have Omega 3 And Does It Matter

Does Tilapia Have Omega 3If you enjoy white fish, you may wonder, does tilapia have Omega 3? Many fish contain some small amount of DHA and EPA. In fact, tilapia does contain a good amount of these fatty acids.

To consume enough tilapia to safely receive the full benefit of fish oil is virtually impossible. You also need to consider the potential negative aspects of consuming this much fish.

Examining Tilapia’s Risks And Rewards

Tilapia does contain moderate amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains good levels of healthy Omega 6 acids. Its low cost and appealing taste make it a favorite fish of many people. These Omega 3s have proven heart healthy benefits, including lowering bad cholesterol levels. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, and mental health benefits.

Unfortunately, these bottom feeding fish come with some undesirable side effects, as well. One tilapia filet contains more bad fat than a lean hamburger. The Omega 3 does help to balance out this less desirable fat, but there are associated risks, such as the following:

• Increased risk for blood clots
• Arthritis
• Inflammation, including inflammatory bowel disease
• Increased risk for certain cancers

Fish, including tilapia and catfish, are acceptable to consume in moderation, but should not be depended upon for your entire Omega 3 requirements.

Getting Omega 3 Elsewhere

The best way to avoid these risks associated with excessive consumption of tilapia, you can acquire the bulk of your fish oil through a supplement. Supplements can give you the proper dosage that you need, depending upon the amount of fish that you regularly eat.

You will need to choose a supplement carefully, however, as some brands have been known to contain mercury and PCBs, which can cause dangerous side effects. You would not want to invest in a supplement to improve your health only to suffer from the ill-effects of dishonest companies.

There is an easy solution that will save you a great deal of searching. The answer can be found in Xtend-Life. This high quality brand sources its fish only from the purest and cleanest waters on earth, between New Zealand and Antarctica. Additionally, the product undergoes intense purification during the manufacturing process to remove all traces of toxins, such as mercury.

There is only one ingredient in a bottle of Xtend-Life Omega 3 supplement. That ingredient is fish oil. The fish oil contains the ideal balance of both DHA and EPA. Some brands will try to convince you that one acid is more important than the others, but your body requires both to receive the optimum benefits. Xtend-Life capsules are easy to swallow and completely tasteless.

Whether or not tilapia has Omega 3 should not greatly alter your consumption of this fish. There are risks to eating large quantities of tilapia that should dissuade you from utilizing it as your only or primary source of these fatty acids.

A quality supplement should provide you with the majority of your Omega 3 nutritional needs. A positive answer to the question does tilapia have Omega 3 does not change the fact that your body will get the safest fatty acids from a good supplement, such as Xtend-Life.

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