And The Best Omega 3 Brand Is…

Best Omega 3 BrandTo determine the best Omega 3 brand of supplement, you need to evaluate a product on multiple levels. You should not choose the least expensive option necessarily, nor should you choose the most expensive.

Likewise, you should not automatically buy the product that has the most popularity and hype surrounding it. Evaluate supplements on their individual merits. Safety, purity, and cost should be your top concerns.

Safety should be a top priority. Some brands have been found to contain toxins, such as mercury and PCBs. Consumption of these dangerous materials can cause side effects, such as:

• Cancer
• Neurological defects
• Immunological disorders
• Neurotoxicity
• Increased risk for cardiovascular diseases

By choosing a reputable brand that enforces stringent purification, you can avoid putting yourself at risk. The company should acquire its fish from areas of minimal environmental pollution. This also reduces the chances of finding toxins in your supplement. A brand that values safety values you and your health.

Another important cause for examination is the purity of a supplement. A supplement that contains gelatin and other inexpensive filler ingredients is providing you with more useless filler and less valuable fish oil than one that contains fewer ingredients. Products that contain flavorings (artificial or natural) and preservatives should also be avoided. These flavors and preservatives have the purpose of masking an unpleasant fishy taste or odor. Fresh fish do not smell poorly. Companies that lean upon flavors to make their product easy to consume are probably using fish that are past their prime for the manufacturing of their supplements.

The best Omega 3 brand will depend upon clean fresh fish to create a naturally tasteless and odorless capsule. The only ingredient that your supplement needs to contain is fish oil.

The final factor to consider, once safety and purity have been evaluated, is cost. After you have eliminated the poor quality supplements, you can then begin to compare prices. Look at ingredients and information to determine value, rather than press hype and popularity. Cost should be your final determining factor, not your first. This is important to remember, because the cheapest products are often priced this way for a reason. They use inexpensive ingredients. The best products are not always the highest priced options, but beware of anything that sounds like too good of a deal, as it probably is. Your health is not worth the discounted price difference of a few dollars.

Thankfully, there is a product that meets all 3 of these specifications, and does so with ease. Xtend-Life Omega 3 supplements are safe, naturally pure, and affordable. Its safety springs from its source. Xtend-Life fish oil is sourced from tuna and hoki caught only from the cleanest and purest water in the world, off the coast of New Zealand.

The fish oil then goes through an intense purification process during the supplement’s manufacturing. This results in an end product that is 100% free of any toxins, such as mercury, lead, or PCBs. Xtend-Life supplements are pure, containing only fish oil, with an ideal balance of EPA and DHA. There is no need for flavors or additives because the fish is so fresh. It is naturally tasteless and odorless. The price is affordable, as well, at under $17. The best Omega 3 brand is without question Xtend-Life.

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