Investigating Amway Omega 3 Supplements

As fish oil supplements become more popular, names like Amway Omega 3 supplements gain attention for the broad range of supplements, which they offer.

Most companies produce a safe and effective product. What needs to be examined is how the brand stacks up to the best of the best supplements.

Amway Omega 3 Products

The company claims to use fresh fish from clean sources. This is excellent, but would be even better if consumers were told where the fish are caught. The brand also claims compliance to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s standards for banned substances.

Some Amway Omega 3 products contain both DHA and EPA. Others only contain DHA. Still more contain EPA, DHA, and ALA. Is more better? Sometimes, but not always.

Points For Improvement In Amway Omega 3

Amway Omega 3This particular supplement brand has a lot going for it, but also a great deal of room for improvement. They should disclose where they do their fishing. The brand proudly totes that their product does not contain illegal drugs.

Should that simply be a given? Instead, they should be proud of marketing a natural product that contains only fish oil, if they can do so honestly. Are there any legal additives in the supplements, such as artificial preservatives and flavorings?

Additionally, the Amway Nutrilite brand advocates that EPA is the agent responsible for cardiovascular health. Major university studies, however, point to DHA as the acid in charge of lowering your risk for heart disease.

When you are counting on a supplement to improve your health and reduce your risk, you should know that the company takes good research into account when formulating their EPA and DHA balances. These are all points of consideration when deciding upon the right supplement for your needs.

A Step Above Amway

If you would rather not wait for Amway to provide more information or improve their product, you can choose a better alternative. Xtend-Life provides you with a supplement that is guaranteed to be safe and natural. It is made from fish sourced from the cleanest waters in the world, between New Zealand and Antarctica. The product undergoes rigorous purification during manufacturing to remove harmful toxins, such as mercury and PCBs.

Xtend-Life uses fresh fish, so there is no need to cover up fishy tastes or smells with preservatives and flavors. There is only one ingredient in Xtend-Life — pure fish oil. This fish oil contains the ideal balance of EPA and DHA.

Because ALA is simply converted into EPA or DHA, there is no reason to incorporate it into an Omega 3 supplement. It is much more efficient to give your body the 2 fatty acids that it most needs, instead of forcing it to convert ALA in a more difficult process.

Amway is certainly not the worst brand of Omega 3 that you could purchase. It is not the best either. If you want a company that you can expect full honesty and integrity from, your best bet is Xtend-Life. They give you all of the information you could want up front, and provide the highest quality product available. Do not trouble yourself trying to determine the safety and efficiency of Amway Omega 3 supplements, when you could invest in the best.

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